National Franklin Day: History, Facts & Insights

This is an in-depth look at all the must-know facts about National Franklin Day (2024) 🗓️ that no one tells you about. National Franklin Day is celebrated on April 28th.

Among the information you’ll find below: the history of National Franklin Day, activities to do on and how to observe this holiday, as well as cool facts you should know about National Franklin Day.

📅 What day is National Franklin Day 2024?

In 2024, National Franklin Day is on Friday, April 28th. It is the 4th Friday in April; in 2024, it is Sunday. There are until the next observance. You also can view all the exciting details and facts about April 28, 2023, that you might not be aware of.

National Franklin Day is in:

National Franklin Day falls on the 28th of April and is a chance to celebrate and pay tribute to your favorite Franklin. This can be someone famous with the name Franklin from the past or present, or even a dear friend named Franklin. While this traditional name was once popular, it is now losing popularity as people lean towards more modern and trendy names. Nonetheless, the name Franklin carries a deep significance and has a strong legacy attached to it.

📜 National Franklin Day History

During the medieval Kingdom of England, there was a social class called the “franklin” from the 12th to the 15th centuries. A franklin was a freeman who didn’t have to follow the feudal system. They weren’t slaves or serfs, but rather laborers who worked on a specific piece of land owned by someone else. Over time, the term “franklin” started to refer to someone who owned both the property and the land it was on, known as a freeholder. This was different from a leaseholder who only owned the property temporarily and paid rent. With the end of the feudal system, the name “franklin” disappeared as everyone became free.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the name “franklin” became somewhat popular, but it gained even more popularity in the 1930s and 1940s thanks to the beloved President Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, its popularity declined in the 21st century as it became seen as a more traditional choice. Nevertheless, the current trend of using last names as first names may revive the popularity of this old name.

National Franklin Day Facts

🔖 One Franklin tried to change the alphabets
Benjamin Franklin, frustrated with the imperfections in the spelling of the English language, came up with a plan to create six new letters in his “Scheme for a New Alphabet and a Reform of Spelling.” Unfortunately, his attempt did not succeed due to a lack of people showing interest in his idea.

🔖 Another Franklin was the longest-serving president
President Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only president who has served more than two terms.

🔖 So many greats
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Franklin Pierce, Benjamin Franklin, and astronauts Franklin Chang-Diaz and Franklin Story Musgrave are just a few notable individuals who share the name Franklin, whether it be their first or last name.

👍 Why Is National Franklin Day Important

This is the day to remember the special Franklins in your life. Consider how they have influenced you.

This day might help you remember all of the famous Franklins. Discover more about their impact on society and history.

For the past few years, the name Franklin has been on the decline. Inform people about your favorite Franklin and how they have influenced the world to help revitalize this classic name.

🙂 How To Observe National Franklin Day

Post about a Franklin

Read up on a Franklin
Throughout history, numerous individuals named Franklin have emerged as remarkable figures, each leaving a lasting mark on the course of history. Take the opportunity to delve into their accomplishments and endeavors by dedicating a day to learning about their influential contributions.

Celebrate a Franklin
Let others know about your love and gratitude for your Franklin, whether it’s someone from history or a celebrity. Share a picture of them on social media.

📅 When is National Franklin Day?

2024 April 28 Sunday
2025 April 28 Monday
2026 April 28 Tuesday
2027 April 28 Wednesday
2028 April 28 Friday

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