National Bomb Pop Day: History, Facts & Insights

This is an in-depth look at all the must-know facts about National Bomb Pop Day (2024) 🗓️ that no one tells you about. National Bomb Pop Day is observed on June 29th.

Among the information you’ll find below: the history of National Bomb Pop Day, activities to do on and how to observe this holiday, as well as cool facts you need know about National Bomb Pop Day.

📅 What day is National Bomb Pop Day 2024?

In 2024, National Bomb Pop Day is on Thursday, June 29th. It is the 5th Thursday in June; in 2024, it is Saturday. There are until the next observance. You also can view all intriguing details and facts about June 29, 2023, that you might not be aware of.

National Bomb Pop Day is in:

National Bomb Pop Day is an annual celebration that takes place on the last Thursday of June, which means it will occur this year on June 29. The holiday originated during a time of strong patriotic spirit in American history and is known for its distinctive red, white, and blue colors. But what exactly is a “bomb pop”? It is a frozen treat in the shape of a rocket, featuring three layers of different flavors: cherry, lime, and blue raspberry. The name “Bomb Pop” is fitting because the dessert resembles a star-shaped explosion. Due to its color scheme, this frozen delicacy has also become popular for Fourth of July celebrations. So why not kick off your holiday festivities by purchasing Bomb Pops from a nearby convenience store? Alternatively, for a nostalgic experience, you can hunt down an ice cream truck and indulge in these tri-colored delights.

📜 National Bomb Pop Day History

The “Bomb Pop” story has received some criticism regarding its connection to war. Popsicle’s rival, Firecracker Pop, was introduced in 1989, leading to a long-standing competition between the two companies that lasted until 2014.

In 1991, Merritt Foods had to close down, but Well’s Dairy in Iowa acquired the company, including the Bomb Pop brand. Since then, the popularity of Bomb Pops has continued to grow. In fact, Well’s Dairy and Walt Disney teamed up in 2003 to create a “Buzz Lightyear Bomb Pop.”

Although modern Bomb Pops now come in various colors and flavors, the classic version remains highly popular. It was a significant milestone when Bomb Pop Day was established as a national holiday in 2005 to commemorate 50 years of Bomb Pops.

National Bomb Pop Day Facts

🔖 Paleta
In Mexico, there is a popular kind of ice pop that is made using fresh summer fruits and sweetened with honey or agave.

🔖 Bingsu
In Korea, there is a popular dessert made of shaved ice that is served with sweetened red beans and condensed milk.

🔖 Chuski
It’s a popular frozen treat in India that’s made by shaping ice into a compact ball or cone and then drizzling it with delicious flavored syrup. Street vendors all over the country sell this refreshing delicacy.

👍 Why Is National Bomb Pop Day Important

Even better, it’s a candy holiday, and who doesn’t like candy? We appreciate that this frozen delight gets its own day so we can enjoy it guilt-free while also learning more about it.

We hope a Bomb Pop does not give you brain freeze, but it should pique your interest in learning more about the history of the popsicle. We won’t tell you here, so you can figure it out for yourself.

Ice candy treats are popular throughout the world, whether they are Bomb Pops, Firecrackers, or any other type of ice candy treat, and they can be found in every culture and region.The best part is that they are versatile, simple to make, and affordable, allowing people from all walks of life to enjoy them.

🙂 How To Observe National Bomb Pop Day

Invent your own ice pop
Why not explore the world of flavors and have fun by experimenting with various food and drink combinations to create something truly unique? This can be a delightful experience that the whole family, including the children, can enjoy together.

Buy a Bomb Pop (or three)
What better way to celebrate this day than by getting yourself or your kids a frozen patriotic popsicle? You can find Bomb Pops at local convenience stores or ice cream trucks (if they are still around in your area). If you can’t find them in stores, you can easily locate the nearest supplier on the official Bomb Pop website.

Read up on the Cold War
Expand your knowledge by delving into the history of the Cold War and immersing yourself in the literature produced during that era. Engaging in historical research will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the events that unfolded both within the country and worldwide during that time.

📅 When is National Bomb Pop Day?

2024 June 29 Saturday
2025 June 29 Sunday
2026 June 29 Monday
2027 June 29 Tuesday
2028 June 29 Thursday

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We will continue to update this page with new information and cool facts about National Bomb Pop Day. So be sure to check back soon.

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